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Maegan (Byington), Jose, Enya and Sky Diaz

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Japan

As a teenager, Maegan and her family started attending BFC in 2001. She and Jose were married in 2011 and since then they have served in India, Nepal and Israel with YWAM. They currently serve with YWAM Tokyo and are enjoying a long-term commitment to the Japanese people. Jose is actively involved in street ministry with the YWAM team and they have seen Jesus heal physically and spiritually, with several people opening their hearts to Jesus. It is a long process of discipleship, since most have never heard the Gospel explained. Jose and Maegan are building community with many families and individuals while living in a totally Japanese neighborhood with Sky (born Summer 2016) and Enya (born Autumn 2013). Enya attends a Japanese pre-school. Most days they are engaged in language learning, which is their primary focus. Their heart is for the Japanese people to rise up into their Kingdom calling and walk in God’s life and purposes, as well as to build an altar of worship. Maegan is teaching a weekly after-school program to Japanese students and their mothers, as well as a monthly cooking classes. Both classes have a spiritual component of introducing students to a biblical worldview and the person of Jesus and His teachings.


The D Family

YWAM San Francisco to the Muslim world

"After serving in the mission field for the past 15 years, we’re consistently reminded that we have the best job in the world. We love giving our lives and serving among the middle-eastern world." The D Family returned from the Middle East and has made San Francisco their home. The San Francisco Bay Area is estimated to hold over 500,000 Persians, one of the largest communities outside Iran and Afghanistan. They are able to partner with an Iranian church in the area. God has been speaking to them about what's going on with 10/40 Muslims -the very ones they are trying to reach are within our own borders. They feel privileged to welcome them and minister to them when they are no longer at home and face a lot of challenges. The D’s hope to mobilize the larger Body of Christ in the Bay Area in reaching out to Muslims and refugees. They are thankful for their ability to share in a free environment.


John and GabrielA

YWAM – BWAM Business With A Mission

John and Gabriela are serving 100+ Business For Transformation, or BAM (Business as Mission), enterprises.  They are training, equipping, and coaching entrepreneurs living in least-reached countries with the purpose of bringing transformation through demonstrating the Kingdom of God through businesses that follow Biblical principles. These job-creating businesses have several bottom lines: economic, spiritual, social, and environmental. They believe this is a key component of reducing human slavery and exploitation.


Kirk and Paula Dunham

Pastoring Green River Bible Church, Green River, Utah

Kirk & Paula started as missionaries in 1985 with 13 years of ministry in Nepal. Kirk still makes periodic trips to Nepal for church leadership training sessions.

Their church in Utah is very active in the predominantly Mormon community with an outreach VBS ministry every summer, regular youth meetings and work projects for the community. Kirk leads an addiction Bible study and there are many opportunities for discipling seekers as these men recover. They have established a foothold within the Hispanic community drawing families (rather than just kids) into a relationship with Christ. Because of the Gomez family’s perseverance, Green River Church is able to share the Gospel and serve the Hispanic community. The Gomez’s have started several Spanish Bible studies as well as other ministry activities.

Paula’s new role at the Green River Medical Center has placed her in a position to speak God’s truth on a daily basis into the lives that otherwise would not come into contact with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She also leads the Ladies Bible Study during her lunch break.


Steve and Mary Kreis


Steve pastors nomadic shepherds working on the western slope ranches in Colorado. Sheep herding is lonely work, so Steve’s monthly visits are a highlight for men from South American countries and Mexico who work as shepherds in Western Colorado. The heart of the work is traveling to these men and opening the Scripture with them, usually on an individual basis. A lot of the ministry is in being a good friend to these men who are away from their families.

Steve writes, “Shepherds are starting the slow trek to the high country with their flocks filled with new lambs. My flock, the shepherds, has several new men. My shepherd-visiting list includes 32 men.” Steve begins his ministry after the men have tended their flock all day, often talking until mid-night about God’s Word. During the season, he helps the men with shearing.

Mary is in a support role as she purchases items that a shepherd might request such as clothing, etc.  She keeps the household going (paperwork, bills, etc.) which frees me Steve for direct ministry to these men.


Larry and Virginia McGuire

TWR (Trans World Radio)

It was in 1967 that Larry started with TWR on the island of Bonaire. They share: We have been able to continue to serve with TWR since then because of your faithfulness over these many years. We plan to continue serving as long as our health allows and the Lord provides. Thank you for being part of our team in the Lord’s service!! Larry is assigned numerous service projects throughout the year, which he works on stateside. Then visits many sites overseas (recently Bonaire and Swaziland) installing phasors, transmitters and refurbishing 100,000-watt shortwave transmitters in Elkhart. Virginia accompanies Larry on his trips and mentors women in the church and mission. This is in addition to her responsibilities as wife, mother (5 grown sons) and grandmother (15 grandchildren)! They praise God for the positive reports of people that are finally able to hear the Gospel via these radio broadcasts, many in totally closed countries, and then risk their lives to stand up for Christ after hearing the Christian programs.

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Ryan, Elyse, Aryanna and Owen Seal

TWR (Trans World Radio)

Ryan and Elyse (Bush) Seal met while attending Black Forest Chapel in their school years. They were married in 2012 and moved to South Africa with Trans World Radio in 2014. Both children were born in Johannesburg, South Africa - Aryanna in the summer of 2015 and Owen in the Spring of 2017.

As part of the technical side of the mission, Ryan develops software, which aids staff in their daily responsibilities and often helps in using new technology to spread the gospel. Elyse is the first nurse to serve with TWR. Elyse is using her medical expertise in several programs where the team needs her. As a mom, she continues to tend to their children’s physical well being, as well as develop their curiosity to learn, their love of Jesus, and family values appropriate to their age.

In their leisure time they enjoy their family time with the children and playing games.

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Gary and Laurie Scheer

WorldVenture, New Creation Ministries

Gary and Laurie worked for over 35 years in Rwanda, Africa with a focus on discipling church leaders. Under the name of New Creation Ministries (NCM) they instruct a class of 20 pastors in their 4-year discipleship program. As of July 2016, instead of retiring, Gary & Laurie have been reassigned by WorldVenture to three foci of work:

  1. Rwanda: An annual 10-week trip and teach once per year in the New Creation Ministries Pastoral Training School in Kilgali, Rwanda.

  2. Africa: Resource consultants for leadership development for Africa with the goal of helping each field develop a multifaceted strategy of leadership development that disciples and transforms lives.

  3. WorldVenture: Mentor young couples going to the field. Designing and writing courses for recruits.

They work at these projects from a home base in Colorado. 

Mission Organizations Black Forest Chapel Supports

Faith Comes By Hearing

The Proclaimer digital player is preloaded with an Audio Bible recording for the one purpose of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to the nations.           

(505) 881-3321

My Father’s House

A “family model” Children’s Home in Bellary, India                

Email: dz.jose@gmail.com


Hope Home, India - Dev Sarkar 

Children’s Home and Education Center  in Calcutta, India

Email: hopehomecal@gmail.com


Lame Deer    

A ministry to the Northern Cheyenne Indians                                       

Lame Deer, Montana                                       


Life Network                                                    

Serving the Colorado Springs area by cultivating a community that values life through the love of Christ.     



Mercy’s Gate

Bridging the gap from crisis to hope. Support services to assist low income families, working poor individuals & families in El Paso County.



New Creation Ministries – Kagali, Rwanda           

Rwandan student at Pastoral Training School